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We are very passionate about supporting and engaging our team of people. That’s why every member of the MasterClassTM team is aligned around our guiding principles (core values) and core strategy. Every one of us is dedicated to helping you take your company to the Next Level, in a Simplified manner.
As a part of our mission, values, core customer value proposition, and our unique differentiation, only those team members who have practical Indian industry experience are offering you the training programs & consulting solutions, while other team members are supporting them.
Meet our team here to learn more about them.
Ambrish Chheda
Chairman & Managing Director

Ajay Jain
Strategic Execution Mentor

Pierre Lacquiere
Strategic Execution Mentor

Ninu Goyal
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Core Purpose & Mission
Core purpose & mission of MasterClassTM is to contribute, in our own way, to the economic development of our country by helping Indian organizations and individuals reach the next level of success, by providing simplified training programs, tools, & consulting services, through various mediums across the country, through professionals with practical industry experience.
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