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StrategySimplifiedTM is a methodology launched for the first time in India, to help companies and organizations of any type, any size, and any industry develop a 2 to 4 PAGE SIMPLIFIED STRATEGIC PLAN & EXECUTION PLAN with key performance indicators & milestones calendar, rather than 50 to 100 page report or presentation.
This 2 to 4 page simplified plan is all your top management needs for the next 3 to 5 years to carry out strategic & execution review meetings. The same methodology can be used by your large division's & functional heads to develop their own division’s or function’s Simplified Strategic & Execution plan flowing from the overall company’s strategic & execution plan. Similarly, Individual strategic & execution plan can be developed flowing from a division’s or function’s strategic & execution plan.
It is a powerful tool to use for strategic & execution alignment throughout your organization, to help improve your organization’s productivity, profitability & growth. In short, it helps improve your organization’s performance dramatically. It offers you tremendous control in the process of execution and achieving your short term & long term goals & objectives.
Don’t believe that this is possible for your organization? Engage MasterClassTM once and see how simply we make it possible for you!
The Strategy SimplifiedTM Methodology Is Offered Through 3 Services:
StrategySimplifiedTM Consulting Services for Your Organization:
StrategySimplifiedTM Consulting services are available all over India specifically for helping your company’s top leadership & execution team develop a 2 to 4 PAGE SIMPLIFIED STRATEGIC PLAN & EXECUTION PLAN with key performance indicators & milestones calendar . MasterClassTM will deliver these services at the locations of your choice.
Please get in touch with our team at our Mumbai, Hyderabad & Chennai offices for customized training programs & consulting services.
Seminar: ‘How to Take Your Company to the Next Level- StrategySimplifiedTM Seminar’:
This 3 hour seminar will consist of speeches & panel discussion with various thought leaders & industry experts on how to grow your company to the next level. This will be followed by bird's eye view of the StrategySimplifiedTM Methodology.
A seminar on this subject has been organized at Hyderabad on 18th November, 2011 and at Mumbai on 19th November, 2011.
For further details & for Registrations, please CLICK HERE.
We invite leading Trade & Industry Associations from Mumbai, Hyderabad & Chennai to contact us to be the official "Trade & Industry Support Partners" for this event & promote it to their members. Your Association's LOGOs would be carried in all our brochures, advertising & publicity materials.
We also invite leading companies to contact us for Sponsorship details.
This Seminar is expected to receive vide coverage in media.
8 Sessions Workshop: ‘StrategySimplifiedTM MasterClassTM With Ambrish Chheda – How To Make & Execute Your Company’s Strategic Plan’:
By the end of this month-long workshop, delegates will have a 2 to 4 PAGE SIMPLIFIED STRATEGIC PLAN for their company, which they can start using or sharing with their organization for acceptance & alignment.  The workshop will have exercises for them, with easy to use templates & worksheets, to help develop their Simplified Strategic Plan & Execution Plan with Key Performance Measures & Indicators and Milestones Calendar.
CLICK HERE to know How To Make & Execute Your Company's Strategic Plan
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Core purpose & mission of MasterClassTM is to contribute, in our own way, to the economic development of our country by helping Indian organizations and individuals reach the next level of success, by providing simplified training programs, tools, & consulting services, through various mediums across the country, through professionals with practical industry experience.
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