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What We Offer
MasterClass® offers Seminars, Workshops & Consulting services such as StrategySimplified ® , Marketing & Digital Marketing Simplified®, RetailingSimplified®; as well as offers Seminars & Workshops on FinanceSimplified®, Investment Strategy Simplified® & SoftSkills Simplified®. The key target audience is Corporate sector, Small & Medium Enterprises, Start-ups, Trade & Industry Associations & Individuals who want to reach the Next Level.
Our training programs and consulting services have two unique differentiations:
All our training programs & consulting services are Simplified. The outputs that you will have will be 2 to 4 page simplified solutions with execution plan, unlike most consulting organizations that bombard you with 50 to 100 slides presentations or 50 to 100 page reports loaded with heavy management jargons, their internally coined jargons, complex charts, graphs, matrixes.
All our training programs & consulting services are delivered by professionals with practical Indian industry experience rather than just academic or consulting knowledge.
Where Are Our Services Available?
Our standard training programs & consulting services are initially available at Mumbai, Hyderabad & Chennai and we are looking to add 'City Partners' in 5 major cities in India every year for the next 10 years.

Please go through for the training programs.

You may get in touch with our Mumbai, Hyderabad & Chennai offices for consulting services.
All our standard training programs & consulting services are also available for customization specifically for your company, and trade & industry associations (to conduct these programs for their members) all over India. MasterClass® will deliver these at the locations of your choice. Please get in touch with our team at our Mumbai, Hyderabad & Chennai offices for customized training programs & consulting services.
Core Purpose & Mission
Core Purpose & Mission of MasterClass® is 'Nation Building'; by contributing, in our own way, to the economic development of our country by helping tens of thousands of Indian Companies and millions of individuals reach the next level of success. We do this by providing business coaching & mentoring services, execution consulting services, simplified training programs and tools, through various mediums across the country, through professionals with practical industry experience.
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